Customized LG G3 cases

The LG G3 is equipped with an unique piece of technique: a QHD-screen, for even better colours on your display. The small edges let the front looks like it only exists of a screen. LG thought about every single detail. For example: The LG G3 feels comfortable when you are using it, because of the bended back. The Smart Notice is your personal assistant, which makes recommendations based on your use. Get the sharpest pictures thanks to the Laser Auto Focus. This beautiful LG G3, with his nice screen, may be seen.

Easy use your printed LG G3 cover

This case protects your LG G3 against scratches and other sharp objects. The back case also protects your LG G3 against fall and impact damage. Your custom case fits tight around your G3. But your device is still easy to use. You can use your LG G3 as easy as first with our back cases. They protect the housing of your LG G3, so the front of your device remains free. You can choose between two different custom LG G3 back cases. The fully printed back case and the back printed version. The difference is that the fully printed case also got the edges printed, while the back case doesn’t.