Customized iPad cases

Get a customized cover for your iPad. Thanks to EGOsketch you can now customize a cover for any of the iPads, new and old, regular and mini. Protect your tablet from all damages, while making it fit your style. You can even use your own photos, pictures and texts to make the case unique and personalized just for you. Stand out and protect your iPad with your EGO.

Choose from different iPad cases

Choose from 4 case types for your ipad. The cases, starting from $21.95, are for the back of your iPad with your design printed only on the back; the edges remain the original case color. The flip covers are for the front of the case and can be folded for to a stand. The smart covers, starting from $27.45, cover the front of your phone with your design printed on the whole area. These covers can aalso be folded to make a stand but also start up your iPad when you open them. The ultimate option are the smart cases, a combination of the smart cover and the back case, protecting your iPad fully.