Customized Google phone cases

Google is much more than a search engine. Google brings also luxurious smartphones with Android-software on the market. Google launched the Nexus 5 together with a 8,9 inch tablet. The Nexus 5 is equipped with an excellent 13-megapixel camera. It would be a shame if you got any damage on your Google phone. So why don’t protect it with a Google phone case? If you order your custom Google phone case on workdays before 4 PM, we’ll produce and ship it even the same day!

Different type of customizable Google cases

Your case takes the fall, scratch and impact damage. There is only one thing missing, namely your own design. You get the change to add your favorite pictures, quotes and designs on your Google phone case. There are 3 options. The fully printed case is also printed at the edges. You also can choose for a back case where only the back is printed, so the edges remains free of print. The last is the flip cover, which protects your whole Google phone. You can also store change and cards into your flip cover.