Customized iPhone 5(s) cases

The iPhone 5/5s is different than the iPhone 4/4s. The screen changed from 3,5 inch to 4 inch. But the iPhone 5/5s is thinner than other Apple devices. So it is an easy to handle device. The back of the iPhone 5/5s is made of aluminum instead of glass. To avoid damage to your iPhone 5/5s get your own customized case. All our cases are made of strong and tenacious materials, and your design is printed using the latest technology to ensure a clear and scratch proof finish. If you order your own created iPhone 5/5s case from us on workdays before 4 PM, we ship it to you on the same day!

Different options to customize your iPhone 5(s) case

Our cases are made of solid, lightweight materials, so your iPhone 5/5s will be barely thicker with our back cover. Still it will protect your device against scratches and damage. You can choose three different cases: Flip cover, back printed and fully printed. With a Flip cover or iPhone 5/5s wallet case you are protecting your whole device and with the back and fully printed cases you will protect the back and sides of your smartphone.