Customized iPad Mini Retina cases and covers

7,9 or 9,7 inch? The difference doesn’t seem to be big, but it is there. The iPad mini is smaller than it’s ”big brother” and your perfect partner on the road! When you take your iPad mini with you a lot, you need to protect it very well. If you also want to stand out, you are at the right place here. Create your custom iPad mini Retina product!

Custom and practical cover for you iPad Mini Retina

These cases will allow you to be confident regarding your precious iPad’s safety, while having a completely personalized product. Indeed, creating a custom iPad Mini Retina with EGOsketch means using your own files, from your computer or social media accounts, and arrange them exactly the way you’d like! Really, the only limit is your creativity! For those of you who like simpler options, we have a broad choice of colors and fonts so you can create a motivational case, or a custom iPad Mini Retina cover with your favorite song lyrics for example.

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