Customized iPad mini 4 cases and covers

The iPad mini 4 is the smaller brother of the iPad Air. Thinner as well, but still a fast tablet. Avoid scratches on your investment and make sure you protect your iPad mini 4 with a personalized case. Damage to your tablet appears very fast, repairs take a lot of time and aren’t that cheap. Design your own iPad mini 4 case, that only costs you a few minutes and ensures your Apple tablet is protected well.

Different kind of cases

For the iPad mini 4 we have three types of case. The sleeve is soft and is protecting the back and the front of your device. The wallet case protects also the back and the front of your iPad Mini 4 , but has a flap that features a viewing-mode. The last product is our hard case, that fits around the back of your iPad mini 4. All iPad mini 4 cases can be personalized and are specially designed to fit the iPad mini 4. To customize your iPad mini 4 cover we use the best printing methods. This ensures that your personalized iPad mini 4 case won’t fade.