Become a reseller

EGOsketch was built as a showcase of the Invition service, to let our clients know what is possible with print on demand. That means you can sell custom phone cases too! We have a couple different options of reselling our products. This page contains a brief description of these services, check out the Invition website for all information about becoming a reseller.

Let your customers personalize a phone case on your website

There are two ways of integrating this in your website. The easiest one is using a WooCommerce webshop, the Zakeke online product customizer and the Invition partner API. With these three systems you can sell customized phone cases fully automated. Zakeke builds and manages the customizer and we do all the design and print work. We make sure all mockups are available and added to Zakeke automatically and when an order is placed, it will be printed by us automatically and shipped directly to your customer. You only have to focus on getting as much customers as possible!

The second option is a custom integration. If you work with a different e-commerce system or you have other product designer software on your website, we can supply you with the integration documentation to make your own integration with our partner API. You need some programming skills to make this work.

Sell your own designs: printed on demand

If you want to sell your own designs printed on a phone case, we’ve got you covered! We have worked with famous influencers selling their Instagram pictures or merchandise to their followers, artists who make the most amazing designs, portrait and wedding photographers and lots of other inspiring people helping them achieve extra income. We have software for WordPress to make it easy to sell your own designs, generate product images and automatically handle your orders. You can get your merchandise shop up and running in a day. Just contact us for the possibilities.

Embed custom phone cases in a marketing campaign

Printed phone cases are a perfect addition to marketing projects. We have done several projects together with big marketing firms to help their client spread the message. Our printing staff has traveled with HSBC from city to city with a mobile printing facility, to inform people about their mobile banking application. To support the message of their personal approach, we had the customers personalize and receive their phone case on location within 15 minutes. We have done a large giveaway project with Vredestein to promote their latest range of winter tyres. We built a special event website for them, done an e-mail campaign and printed thousands of personalized phone cases. These are just a few examples of what we are capable of, don’t hesitate to contact us with your idea!

No website? No programming skills? No problem!

If you would like to sell the products in your store, or you do have a website but no idea how the integrations work, no problem! It is possible to use our services without an integration by using the Invition Dashboard to manage your orders. You can simply place your orders by hand with one of our applications for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and we will handle your order flow with the same fast service as when integrated. We can advice you which option suits you best.

Want some more information or start right away? Go to our reseller website!