Custom Sony Xperia Z2 case

You want to design your own case for your Xperia Z2? It is possible at our website. Upload your own photo’s or a great design you like and be sure your Xperia Z2 is completely unique. When you order your custom case on workdays before 16:00, we’ll even produce and ship it to you the same day.

Quality of Sony Xperia Z2 case print

Our special printing techniques makes sure your custom designed Xperia Z2 case looks great due to several factors. First: the case is printed using high temperature, so the inks become liquid. These inks can be absorbed by the Xperia Z2 case. Your print will not vague, even on the long run. Secondly, we print your image also around the edges of the case. It is fully printed, which looks very natural. As last, we can print in the highest possible resolutions, so your design always looks great after it’s printed on our Xperia Z2 case.