Protect your Xperia XA1 with one of the best materials: TPU. Customize a TPU transparent case, for the Xperia XA1, with your own files. You can use photos from your PC and even social media. Printed with the latest technology, you can be certain that your personalized case will be unforgettable. Make sure you stand out and keep your investment safe. Order your case before 4 PM, and we’ll ship your case the same day.

TPU case properties

Protecting your phone against: fall, scratch and impact damage, is a job that TPU handles perfectly. This is because TPU is made of silicon and plastic, which is why it is flexible and strong, allowing for quick application and a lifetime of protection. Your personalized design is printed on the back of the case; but anything you do not customize, as well as the sides, will remain transpartent. Thanks to our printing technique your design is transfered onto the case, making it stick to the material resulting in a vivid and long-lasting image.

Customizing your Xperia XA1 TPU case

When choosing how to personalize your case, try using things that make you unique or that make you special. Photos of your pets and family, quotes from favorite artists or books, or maybe brands that you just cant get enough of. Everything can be used to customize your phone. However remember that space for your camera and speakers will be made, so dont customize their places, or your pictures my be cut short.