Personalize your fully printed wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus now! You can use your own photos, quotes or even the logo of your company ; to create a phone case that is really particular to you. There is enough space on that case for your design so don’t restrain yourself and be as creative as possible. Treat yourself to an accessory that suits your style perfectly.

Fully printed wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

The fully printed Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus also contains small pockets inside, enabling you carry cash and cards without having to take your entire wallet. The case is fully printable, granting you the ability to use landscape pictures, family photos, and any other image, phrase or logo you fancy. You can even design something different for each side.

Customizing your phone case

It all starts when you click on the “design now” button. You will then be directed to our online designer where you can upload your files and organize them in your own unique way, to achieve the result you want and finally own the phone case of your dreams!