Want your new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus to stand out among all others. Personalize a customizable black TPU case for the Galaxy S8 plus right here. Use your own photos, texts and logos;even from social media; to make unique and personal cases. Don’t settle for basic predesigns and get the ultimate customized protection for you new investment. Protect you Galaxy S8 Plus with your EGO.

Custom Galaxy S8 Plus TPU case properties

This case protects the back and sides of your phone. It is easy to put on and will protect your phone from: falls, shocks and scratches. This is thanks to the TPU, that is a mixutre of silicon and plastic, which is strong and flexible. The design you made is printed on the back, but does not extend over the sides leaving them the original black color. Your personalizations are printed using the latest technology, that sticks your design to the case material, leaving an everlasting and clear image.

Customizing your case

Be unique and make your case personal by using customizations that make you stand out as an individual. Use a photo from your last with your friends, the logo and photo of you team winning the cup or just a book quote that speaks to you. Your options for personalization are endless. Check out our designer tips to avoid mistakes, and don’t hesitiate to contact us should you need any help.