Get the ultimate personalized protection for your Samsung S7, with our transparent TPU case. Use your own texts and files to create a design that suits your needs, or import one. All that isn’t customized, will remain transparent. Get your awesome custom case now and, if you order before 4 PM, have it shipped the same day.

Aspects of the TPU transparent case

Made with a mixture of plasitc and silicon, the TPU material makes a flexible and tenacious case. Don’t worry about fall, shock or dirt damage anymore. Thanks to its flexible aspect it is also easy to apply and take off. The sides of your case, as well as anything left undecorated, will remain transparent. Whichever personalizations you do put on the case, will be everlasting and vivid.

Customizing your Samsung Galaxy S7 TPU case

Anything and Everything can be printed on your case, together with the transparency you can make some truly unique designs. Use your own photos, images and texts to make your phone stand out compared to all others. Remember however that places for your buttons and camera will be made so dont place your customizations over their place.