We understand that you want to protect the Samsung Galaxy S20 carefully. Show your unique style by designing a protective and at the same time unique case for your phone. Using our online design software you will be able to develop a case that will not only protect your phone efficiently, but also show off your unique sense of style and your taste. You can simply upload your own favourite images, text or logo to create a completely original and personal phone case. If you order before 4 PM on a work day, your phone case will be shipped the same day.

Features of the Galaxy S20 fully printed hard case

This case will protect your phone effectively from falls, scratches and other impacts, thanks to the strengthened plastic it is made of. Your design will be printed on the whole cover, including the sides, so make sure to put your design all over its surface. We can guarantee you a vivid and sustainable result by our high technology and technique.

Customizing your phone case

Start customizing when you click on “design now”. Our designer software is very easy to use. Upload the elements you want to see on your phone and get designing! It can be your most favourite holiday photo, an inspirational quote you saw in the last book you read, your favorite song’s lyrics; the possibilities are endless! Our tool will let you know if the images you are trying to upload aren’t of a high enough quality, and you will be able to see the final result and modify it before ordering.