Protect and personalize your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with a custom phone cover made in our designer tool. This personalized Galaxy S10 Plus transparent Hard case can be customized to anything you want it to. Whether you would like to add your favourite family picture or holiday view to your case. Do you want to make it even more unique? You can add lyrics or a motivational quote. We know, there is so much to choose from! Whatever you decide we are going to print your custom Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus transparent Hard cover!

Customized Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus back printed transparent Hard case

We use enhanced technology with fantastic machinery to ensure our cases are produced to the highest possible quality. As a result the custom phone covers we produce are long lasting with the print exactly as requested. Your case will be back printed which means that the lines around the picture and the sides of the case remains transparent.

Personalized transparent Hard cover

Order on work days before 4 PM and we will have your designer case on it’s way the same day. We would love to see you rocking your phone cover so tag us in your Instagram pictures with #showyourego and we may even repost you!