Make a personalized TPU case for the Samsung Galaxy A3(2017). Make unique cases by adding your own personalizations. Use photos, logos and texts; even the ones from Facebook and Instagram can be placed on your case. Get creative and make a case that stands out. Protect your phone with your EGO.

Properties of custom TPU case

TPU, made of silicon and plastic, is both strong and flexible making it the best material to make cases from. Its strong enough to handle a life time of fall, shock and dirt damage; while being flexible making it easy to put on and take off. Your design is printed on the back of the case, resulting in the sides remaining the original black color.

Customizing your Galaxy A3(2017) case

Customize your case however you like, but to make a truely unique design think of personalizations that make you stand out as an individual. A family photo, the logo and moto of your favorite sports team, or maybe just the initials of all your closest friends; these are just some ideas. Check out our designer tip page or contact us if you need any help