The new version of the LG K10 has many positive aspects. Both cameras can take pictures in high quality and have face recognition, making it better than its predecessors in that area. The screen is similar to its competitors, however the LG K10(2017) has amazing processing speed allowing for smooth and uninterrupted use. One unlucky drop can result in all this technology going to waste, so why risk it? Give your phone the ultimate protection by creating a personalized case from EGOsketch. Use anything you like to make a unique custom design, there are no limits! If you order before 4 PM your case will be produced and shipped the same day.

The case properties

The custom transparent TPU case offer protection to the back of your phone from fall, shock and scratch damage. Thanks to it being a mixture of silicon and plastic, the TPU case is flexible and so easy to put on. The case has the print on the back, this does not include the sides of the case, using the latest technology that sticks the ink to the case material. This makes your design vivid and everlasting.

Personalizing your case

From start to finish the process of customizing your case is easy. Enter the designer by clicking “design now” on the case you want. You will be placed in our designer tool, where you can upload the individual components of your design or a complete one. While you design, the tool will tell you if your images are of good enough quality or if they are at risk of blurring. You can also preview your case before ordering. When personalizing remember that the case has cutouts for the camera, speakers, etc, so don’t customize over them.