Personalize your own LG G5 transparent Hard case. Add pictures, slogans or logos to your LG G5 phone cover and receive a case unique to you. This particular phone cover is a back printed case, therefore your design will be presented across the back of your device with plenty of room for your design. A custom LG G5 phone cover will protect your device and be personal to you, so we are sure you will delight in your phone case for the foreseeable future.

Personalized LG G5 transparent Hard case

Here at EGOsketch we have acquired advanced machinery that ensures your phone cover is printed exactly as requested. We keep quality in mind as we want your personalized LG G5 phone case to be doing the job it is intended to do by protecting your device, whilst providing a phone cover that is printed immaculately. Whether you’re feeling sentimental and add the latest family picture to your case or simply add a funky design with your motto, we are here to make it. One thing is for sure your LG G5 phone cover is personalized to you, so be creative.

Customized phone protection

We want you to have phone protection quickly, that is why when you order before 4pm we ship your custom case out the same day. Treat yourself to a custom LG G5 phone cover, and we know it will be one of the best decision you have made.