So let’s be honest, your iPhone 11 is your go to device right? Why don’t you carry your tool of the day where you need it, right beside you! With EGOsketch you can personalize your iPhone 11 crossbody case to your hearts content. Jump in our configurator and mix and match different kinds of imagery. Mayby you would like to add a quote or let’s say a date, no problem just use the text tool.

Make your own personalized iPhone 11 crossbody case

Making your own iPhone 11 crossbody case is easy! Drag, drop and edit to get your desing together. Finished designing? Great! Now it is time for our production team to kick into gear. Ordered before 16:00? Your uique case will be printed the very same day and shipped to your doorstep or PO box within a 4 day period. Are there any questions we might help you with? Feel free to contact our HQ.

Improved protection

The crossbody case uses two materials to improve protection. At first a flexible but strong TPU material will keep a thight grip on your iPhone. The backside is built from a rigid material, ensuring a consistant flat surface. The cord is partially made out of nylon and is thickened in order to increase comfort as well. Last but certainly not least: the corner padding. The corner padding acts as a shock absorber so your phone can handle a bump.