Make a functional and stylish personalized Huawei P10 wallet case. Make sure your new investment is protected from all sides, while looking better than ever with your design. We print your customized design using the latest technology making it look as if it was part of your case always. Order your case before 4 PM, and we’ll ship it the same day. Protect your phone with your EGO.

Huawei P10 wallet case properties

This case is made of polyester and artificial leather. It is made specifically for the P10 and so has all the necessary cut outs. With this protection you will be safe from all: fall, scratch and impact damage done to both sides of your phone. Furthermore your wallet case has space for cards and cash on the inside of the flap, so helps out if you dont want to take your wallet. Your case is fully printed meaning you can customize both sides, all round.

Personalization process of P10 Wallet case

Designing your case starts from uploading parts of your design, or the completed thing, into our designer tool. Here you can rearrange your design for however long you need. The tool will help you in the process, warning you if the images are too low quality, and allowing you to see the final version of your design on a case. Your design will be attached to the case, as it is printed under high pressure and temeperature using the latest technology. This results in an unforgetable case that doesnt wear.