Hooray! You have picked up yourself a brand new smartphone, the long awaited for Xiaomi Poco X3. Why don’t you get a protective Soft case from EGOsketch to give your new phone some love. Wait, that’s not all. This product can be customized however you would like in our easy to use editor. Click “customize” and jumpt right into the action!

Customized Xiaomi Poco X3 Soft case

Getting your Xiaomi Poco X3 Soft case customized isn’t hard. In our editor you can use multiple pieces of imagery and slap them right on your custom Poco X3 case as you are editing your with the phone case as the backdrop. It will even show you what will be printed in the end giving you a perfect picture of your ultimate design.

Making phone cases customized

We have been creating your customized phone cases for over ten years now, imagine that! During this time we have really been improving our service level, printin in much higher quality than we used to when starting out. We can even print the same day if you can finish your order before 16:00 Amsterdam time. How nice right. Design your customized Xiaomi Poco X3 Soft case today!