So you’ve bought yourself a Sony Xperia XZ2, nice! Why don’t you finish your new device with a customized Soft case! The Soft case is constructed out of TPU. TPU is a flexible yet strong material, capable of handling some bumps. The Soft case will fit snug around your Xperia XZ2, even extending beyond the screen. You can put the phone face down without it scratching so easily.

Get you customized Sony Xperia XZ2 Soft case at EGOsketch.

At EGOsketch you can design your phone case to your heart’s content. Firstoff create a design! Jump into our editor, drag and drop together multiple elements and voila! The editor is easy to use as you can design right on the case. Oh no! Have you ran out of creative juices? No problem! There is loads of design ideas right here at EGOsketch. You can even reshape and resize elements if you want.

High printing quality

We print with a high priting quality. Over the years we have improved our service level. We have new printers which will print your very own custom phone case. After printing your case will be passed through to our quality control team. The team will make sure your case has been printed at the highest printing quality possible. So the question remains: are your ready to show your EGO!