Customizing your own iPhone 11 pro crossbody case is easy, right here on EGOsketch! With our new and improved priting techniques we are able to ensure a high quality finish. Try out our configurator and experience the easy to use drag and drop interface. You can make your design by adding elements such as text or images.

Get your iPhone 11 pro crossbody case customized

Let’s be honest, getting a customized phone case for your iPhone is easy. Here at EGOsketch we can fulfill your desire to create your own phone case. The crossbody cases are very protective, utlizing a mixture of materials to ensure maximum protection whilst keeping a slim profile. This way your custom iPhone case will be able to turn everyone’s heads for years!

Are you ready to show your EGO?

At EGOsketch we believe everyone should be able to come up and create their unique phone case. Today we can provide that service with a excellent printing quality as well. Our printers will print an white underlayer for your design to be put upon. This will make sure your design will pop that little bit more.