Get a custom Sony Xperia 5 III Soft case designed just for you at! Our backprinted Soft cases are perfect for your very own phone cases or as gifts to your family or friends. The best part is that you can design one yourself using our responsive product editor. We have developed the editor to be as user friendly as possible.

Custom Sony Xperia 5 III Soft case

Customized phone cases are our specialty, so why nut get one for your Sony Xperia 5 III? The phone case has been forged from TPU, a hardy yet durable material. Created when mixing silicone and hard plastic together. Our Soft cases pack the best of both worlds: flexible and unbreakable. The soft case will fit snugly around your phone.

Customizing for over 10 years

We have been customizing for over 10 years now, how crazy is that! When we first started off we where but to learn, nowadays we can print your personalized Sony Xperia 5 III Soft case withing 24 hours if you order before 4 p.m. And not only that, we can print in high quality and get your case deliverd to your doorstep within 4 days!