Spice your iPhone Xr up with an custom crossbody case! The crossbody case has an perfect fit for your iPhone Xr! Make your phone case unique by designing your very own phone case. Click on the customize button, jump into our configurator and voila. With EGOsketch designing is easy. The configurator works on a drag & drop basis so you can make your own custom iPhone Xr crossbody case.

Create your own iPhone case

At EGOsketch we believe that your phone case should be unique to you. That’s why we can let you create your own iPhone Xr crossbody case! After you finish desiging, our production and quality control team wil spring into action. Your case will run throug all the production steps, from prep to packaging. All the while our quality control team will keep a close eye on your unique phone case.

Securing your custom iPhone Xr crossbody case

So you have made a unique design, but does the case even secure your iPhone Xr? The crossbody case has been fitted with loads of features in order to protect your phone. A mix of materials is for instance used to make sure the case is rigid as well as flexibl. So your phone will stay in the case securily and will have fall protection, such as extra padding in the corners.