Don’t ever get separated from your phone again with the custom crossbody iPhone Xs Max case! You can customize this case and enter every room with a bang. The case has a black strap which allows you to wear you phone around your body. The case is also super protective and you can customize this crossbody case with your very own design.

Here is the key: creativity!

Creativity is the key to designing your very own custom crossbody case. If you have a idea at the ready you can jump into our editor. Add imagery and text to your custom phone case and check how your design works on the case. Finished designing? Nice. Get your order in before 4 p.m. and get your case around your shoulders in under four days! That is how we can deliver you your custom crossbody iPhone Xs Max case.

Construction of your custom iPhone Xs Max case

The custom crossbody iPhone Xs Max case is made from a combination of suitable materials. The sides made out of TPU material. This material will hang on thight to your phone, never letting it go. The backside is made of a rigid plastic, perfect for securing your case. There is even added cushioning in the corners of the case so the phone can take a bump if it needs to.