Hi there, did you ever leave your phone behind? Sucks right. With this custom iPhone 12 crossbody case you are almost guaranteed to never lose your phone again. The case has a thick black cord which runst through secure loops on the case. The sides are made of a soft, flexible TPU material whilst the backside of the case is build more solidly. The corners of the custom iPhone 12 crossbody case are padded so these cases have plenty of damage resistance!

Customizable iPhone 12 crossbody case

So you want to create your own custom phone case for your iPhone 12. Well have you found just what your looking for! The customizable iPhone 12 crossbody case can be customized by using our editor. With the editor you can design your case however you like. We will produce your personalized phone case within 4 days if you are able to get your order in before 16:00. We have enough time to make sure your case meets our high quality standards.

Do you share your EGO?

Here at EGOsketch we like to express ourselves, which is why we dare to share our EGO. Are you ready to share your EGO? Start designing your custom iPhone 12 crossbody case today!