Would you like to create your very own custom iPhone 12 mini crossbody case? Wel don’t you go nowhere cause you are at the right place! We spent over a decade optimizing our printing quality and shipping times. Take advantage of those today. Jump in our configurator and generate your very own custom crossbody phone case!

EGOsketch, building your custom phone case since 2013

That’s right. We have been building custom phone cases since 2013. Within this period we optimizid our printing quality and shipping times. Nowadays your can get your order delivered at your doorstep or local PO box in 4 days! You will need to get your order in before 16:00 in order to reap your reward for this benefit.

Create your own custom iPhone 12 mini Crossbody case

Creating your custom crossbody case is easy! Jump in our configurator by clicking the “customize” button. You will then see a mock-up of your phone case. Drag and drop your imagery right on the phone case, space and position them as necessary. Would like to add some text? No problem! Drag and drop a piece of text using the text tool. Change the font, color and size of your text.